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Dramatic, Finnish, Actress, näyttelijä


Daring and charismatic actress with a twist of quirkiness who can excite and has a good combination of strength and vulnerability. 




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No Games 




Nothing has ever happened to me just out of good luck, I’ve had to fight for them. Sometimes even so hard that it meant I had to give up on them. One thing that has kept me sane is art, writing poems and hopping into other people’s shoes, which makes my own ones easier to walk in.  I’m bubbly but mostly I take things hard and seriously.


This world worries me. With my work I want to make a change. I want people to think about the future generations rather than this moment. Trough my struggles I’ve become stronger but also more vulnerable because I’m not afraid to show my true feelings. It took years, and I’m still learning. In reality the hand, that picks me up, is my own. 




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